Has your job search gotten you down? Then Job club is just the place for you to get a new start on your hunt!

With practical lessons and expert-led activities planned to help get you back to work, Job Clubs in Knox County is now better positioned than ever to deliver hands-on assistance that can help you write a professional resume, learn how to succeed in job interviews, connect with employers, workforce professionals, and other jobseekers, and create a winning game plan for your job search.

Join us at the Knox County Job Club, which will meet starting April 3, at the KCEOC WIOA office, 464 Court St., Barbourville.

The Knox County Job Club is brought to you by a partnership between Eastern Kentucky Concentrated Employment Program, Inc., KCOC WIOA, and the Kentucky Career Center-Career Development Office.

Our career experts in the Job Clubs partnership have brought together a program powered by the career-advising industry’s best ideas and tools to help those searching for employment, build the skills and connections they need to find rewarding new work.

In Job Clubs, you will:

Build job leads

Get top search advice

Have access to job networking opportunities

Build a professional employer-approved resume

The experts who will guide you through Job Clubs and on your way to a successful new job have been in the industry for years and know what needs to be done to get you on the fast track toward employment.

To attend the next Knox County Job Club meeting, stop by the KCEOC WIOA office, 464 Court St., Barbourville, starting at 10:30 on April 3rd.

All new members are asked to arrive 30 minutes prior for new member orientation. For more information or to speak with a Career Advisor about the Knox County Job Club, please call 606-546-2639.

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