career fair

It is time to "double down on our hometown," according to Apex Physical Therapy Marketing Director Tyler Dunn. He was commenting on the need to educate and keep talented young people in the area through good paying jobs and a sense of community. 

In an effort to do just that, Lynn Camp hosted a career fair for its high school students on Wednesday. The goal was to teach kids about about a variety careers available in the area from health care, to engineering, to law.

Carla Kersey with the Knox County Youth Career Connect organized the event, and said, "It went really well," as they imparted on students the importance of goal setting, well-roundedness, and trying different things. 

Burl Kaden Gray was a student organizer of the event who says he is thankful for mentors like Kersey, who give him a chance to see what life is going to be like beyond high school.

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