Chuck Bingham

Chuck D. Bingham of Bimble, Ky

A Knox County inmate now faces more charges after he attempted an escape from custody Sunday evening.

Chuck D. Bingham, an inmate at the Knox County Detention Center, attacked Deputy Jailer Tyler Davis during an attempted escape on the night of Sunday, December 1. 

Davis was assessing Bingham for injuries after he slipped from the detention center van. Davis fended off his assailant and subdued him as help arrived.

As he was being checked for injuries, Bingham shoved Davis to the ground and began hitting him. He then attempted to strangle the officer with his handcuffs. Davis was able to pull Bingham off and into the bushes at Barbourville ARH Hospital as he tried to flee.

Medical staff and Deputy Jailer Zach Bunch arrived to assist Davis, who used pepper spray to subdue Bingham. More officers arrived on the scene who charged Bingham with assault and transported him back to the detention center.

Bingham attacked Davis again in his cell where he was then left to decontaminate. He was later placed in a restraint chair. Bingham remains in the Knox County Detention Center. He faces two new assault charges, a resisting arrest charge, first degree escape, and one charge of first degree strangulation. Bingham was previously arrested on a number of charges including domestic violence, drugs, and assaulting a police officer.

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