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Calvin Manis

United Stated District Judge Robert Wier granted a motion on Monday to continue the sentencing of former Barbourville City Councilman  and pharmacist Calvin Manis.

Manis plead guilty on March 5 to distributing a schedule-two controlled substance, such as oxycodone, outside the scope of professional practice. He was set to be sentenced on July 29 but last week an attorney for Manis filed a motion to continue the sentencing hearing. He will now be sentenced in federal court on August 27.

The reason for the motion was to allow more time to gather medical records requested by the defense. The hope is that the records can be used to argue for a sentence on the lower end of the guidelines. Manis could face up to 20 years in prison. 

Manis’ co-defendant, John Pasternak, is scheduled for sentencing on October 29. 

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