Sewer cat

Corbin city officials announced Friday that the anticipated project to replace the sewer line along Master Street is scheduled to begin Monday.

The sewer line has been a constant source of concern has over spill from the manhole covers has frequently left bits of toilet paper and raw sewage lying in the roadway.

Corbin Utilities Commission received approval for a loan through the Kentucky Infrastructure Authority in February to help fund $1.262 million of the $1.5 million project.

The remainder of the cost will be paid out of the cash reserve Corbin Utilities has accumulated.

The project, which will include the middle of Master Street between Carter Street and Ford Street, is expected to take eight months to complete.

It will be done in sections with the first stage beginning in the area between Snappy Tomato Pizza and the entrance to Pine Hill Cemetery.

“There will be times traffic will be blocked for construction,” city officials stated.

“Everything that is hauled out of there will have to be hauled off,” said Ron Herd, General Manager at CUC.

City officials and Corbin Independent Schools officials are continuing to discuss ways to mitigate traffic issues when work progresses to the area near the entrances to Corbin Middle School and Corbin Preschool.


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