Mayor Thompson declares emergency

On Friday, March 27, Barbourville City Mayor David Thompson signed an 'Executive Order and State of Emergency' declaration for the city of Barbourville in response to the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic.

Barbourville State of Emergency Declaration

The order, in part, states, Mayor Thompson "shall by exercising the authority granted to me through Executive Orders, and through utilization of city personnel, services, equipment, and any necessary acts to manage this emergency." The order goes on to say, "I hereby order and direct any and all departments of the City of Barbourville to coordinate and cooperate with the Knox County Health Department, Kentucky Department for Public Health, any federal agencies to respond to the threat presented by the novel coronavirus, COVID-19 by exercising the powers articulated in KRS Chapters 39A and 39B to provide information to individuals, businesses, organizations, and other entities to best prepare and respond to the COVID-19 State of Emergency Declaration.

"The last time the City of Barbourville declared a state of emergency was during the historic spring flood of 1977," Thompson said. "Just as Barbourville did then, we will get through this health pandemic. As Mayor of the City of Barbourville, I would like to urge everyone to be respectful and courteous during these trying times. We will get through this together."

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