2020 has thus far been the wettest year recorded by the Kentucky Mesonet station in Bimble since the site began collecting data in October, 2008. Kentuky Mesonet is a series of automated climate monitoring stations operated by Western Kentucky University’s Kentucky Climate Center.

The Bimble site, located at Knox Central, began operating in late 2008 with 2009 being its first full year of data collecting. Since 2009, no year has received more rainfall than 2020.

2020 has, as of this article, received 36.26 inches of rain; over 11 inches more than the 25.09 inches per year average since 2009.

Every month has so far recorded higher rainfall than average with February and March receiving over four more inches each.

February has been a particularly wet month in recent years, recording totals of 9.38, 11.25, and 11.73 in 2020, 2019, and 2018 respectively. Even with these high totals the average for the month over the station’s life is 5.4 inches. Without the outliers of the last three years, the average total for February drops to 4.24 inches.

All data used for this article is available online at kymesonet.org

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