Jacob Wilson

A Knox County man was arrested Monday afternoon after a domestic complaint on Sycamore Drive in Barbourville.

When officers arrived at the residence, they were greeted by 23-year-old Jacob Wilson. According to the arrest report from the incidence, Wilson attempted to close the door but eventually was convinced to step outside. He was asked to wait in a patrol car while officers spoke to another subject; Wilson asked to have the window rolled down due to being claustrophobic. 

Police spoke with the victim and were advised that they and Wilson had been arguing during the night. At one point, Wilson allegedly attempted to strike the victim and instead hit an infant in the head. 

While the officers were speaking with the victim, they reportedly heard a door open and observed Wilson exit the cruiser. He was asked to go back to the vehicle and responded that the officers “had him f****d up” while refusing to return to the car. Police attempted to cuff Wilson at the point. The citation notes that he started yelling and would not comply with commands. A Taser was deployed, leading to him being arrested without further incident.

With Wilson in custody, the investigation resumed. Wilson’s citation states that officers were advised that he believed there had been people watching him for the past four months. He reportedly believed he was being watched on cameras inside the home and removed all of the electronic devices while taking the victim’s phone and children’s iPads. The devices were put in a vehicle and no one was allowed to access them. The victim also reported that after the infant was struck, they and the children took refuge in the bathroom. Wilson reportedly would not allow them to leave the bathroom afterward.

Wilson was lodged in the Knox County Detention Center. He is charged with second-degree unlawful imprisonment, third-degree criminal abuse, resisting arrest, menacing, fourth-degree assault, and second degree disorderly conduct. Wilson was set for arraignment on Thursday.

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