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A Knox County man is among three men indicted for drug trafficking in Knox and Clay Counties among other parts of eastern Kentucky. The others are a Clay County man and a Tennessee doctor. 

Terry Prince, age 53 of Barbourville, is one of three accused of distributing Oxycodone, Oxymorphone, Methadone, and Alprazolam among other drugs in eastern Kentucky. Prince is named in counts one and three of the indictment that states the trio worked together from July 2016 through at least November 2020. Prince was also charged with a count for distribution in December 2020. 

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Prince's home was a target of Operation Winter Frost.

Prince was recently arrested in December’s ‘Operation Winter Frost,’ a joint operation between the DEA, Knox County Sheriff’s Department, and Barbourville Police Department that netted 22 arrests. Prince was arrested in September 2020 as well on trafficking charges. During that arrest “over 500 schedule 2-3 and 4 tablets, several handguns, digital scales, a small amount of marijuana, and a large sum of cash were located and seized,” according to the original story printed in The Mountain Advocate. 

Also included in the indictment is Jeffrey Ghent of Clay County and Dr. James Maccarone, owner of Gateway Medical Associates in Clarksville, Tennessee. All three men are listed in count one with Ghent and Prince having one count each to themselves. Forfeitures included in the indictment include monies totaling at least $200,000 and Maccarones’s clinic at 751 Chesapeake Lane in Clarksville.

If convicted, the men could face decades in prison and may pay millions of dollars in fines. Although the indictment was originally filed on March 25, it was only unsealed last week.

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