Barbourville Police Department

Barbourville Police Department patrolling the neighborhood: Photo from the WKYT website.

The Barbourville Police Department is using a different approach to catch people in the act of texting while driving.

Officers  patrolled the streets in a tractor-trailer and carefully scanned the neighborhood to check if citizens were driving safely — ensuring seatbelts were on and that citizens were saving that text message for another time, not behind the wheel.

Doing so, officers pulled a few people over on Friday, April 12. They chose to issue citations and share some words of advice.

“I have some papers, here. One on distracted driving and another on seat belt safety. We want to educate the public about it too," Officer Jake Knuckles said.

Making a call is legal, but texting behind the wheel is against the law. 

More details on this story coming soon! 

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