Bus and Turkey

Photo contributed by Brian Carey, District Transportation Safety Coordinator

After a soccer game against Whitley County, Barbourville Middle School hopped onto Bus 3664 and were on their way home on Thursday night, April 18 when a turkey suddenly flew into the bus windshield.

According to Brian Carey, District Transportation Safety Coordinator, kids were on the bus at the time but most were unaware of the incident. There were no injuries to anyone on board. As for the turkey, that is another story.

Carey explained the glass from the windshield shattered inside the bus, but glass did not fall onto the driver or anyone else. 

Crews working on the windshield say the turkey caused an estimated $1,500 worth of damage, by making the windshield be replaced.

Barbourville will just use another bus for transportation to and from the school. 

Knox County, be careful and watch for turkeys when driving. 

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