Ghillie Suit

Knox County has its fair share of strange sightings; but the perpetrator of Monday morning’s alleged armed robbery at the Wildcat Market took extra precautions to make sure that no one saw him coming, at least in theory.

Dressed in a Ghillie suit, a form of three-dimensional camouflage meant to aid hunters, snipers, and even police, conceal themselves from the enemy; the would be robber entered the store in the wee hours of the morning.

Located in Flat Lick, and almost always open, the Wildcat Market is often used by truckers and other drivers traveling on 25E.

So far, the grizzly looking disguise has worked, as he has yet to be identified by police.

Described as about six feet tall, and muscular, he was reportedly armed with a handgun during the altercation.

He was reportedly driving a Jeep Commander or Jeep Liberty with a brake light out when got away with cash from the store, but the direction he took, like his fashion sense is still a mystery.

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