One man was taken to the hospital after harming himself with a knife outside the Knox County Courthouse. The man is said to have threatened others as well.

Knox County Sheriff Mike Smith stated the man became upset from a domestic incident earlier. He continued that the man brandished a knife outside the courthouse and threatened to harm himself and others. Smith stated that deputies were able to get the knife away from the man, identified as Aaron Self of Barbourville, and began tending to his self-inflicted wounds. Self was then taken to Barbourville ARH

A witness, who identified himself as Nathaniel Smith, stated Self had been to the county attorney's office and upon leaving the courthouse said he planned to kill himself. Smith said he tried to talk Self down when Self pulled a knife from a backpack and threatened to kill both of them. Smith stated he told Self about his pregnant wife and child, adding "he said I'll kill you and me both, I don't care."

Witnesses say Self then went back to the grassy area by the courthouse where he put the knife to his throat, saying he would kill himself. it is unclear at this time whether or not he slit his throat, but witnesses say he then stabbed himself in the leg. "We were trying to talk him out of it and then the deputy came out and started talking to him," said Smith. He praised the deputies for their effort in talking to Self and getting the knife away from him.


According to a sheriff's department press release, Self became belligerent in the Knox County Attorney's Office.

Self is said to have stabbed himself in the neck and right forearm. Court Security Officer Jesse Smith and Knox County Deputies Sam Mullins and Mike Broughton approached Self and convinced him to drop the knife. 

Self's wounds were stated to be superficial at Barbourville ARH. He was sited as being a danger to himself and others. 

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