William Collins

A felony assault charge against a Knox County man was dropped Tuesday at the request of the victim.

Williams Collins, 25, was charged with first degree assault after he reportedly pushed his girlfriend over a cliff. Deputies responding to the call found Collins fleeing through a field and arrested him. According to his arrest citation, Collins then advised deputies that he’d left the victim in the woods with serious injuries and advised them were to find her. The victim was then taken to Barbourville ARH for a leg injury and hypothermia.

In Knox District Court on Tuesday, the victim in the case appeared before the judge and asked for the charges to be dropped.

“We were ready to go, the county attorney was ready but she didn’t want to pursue the charges,” said Sheriff Mike Smith. Without the victim, prosecutors would have had a tougher case and so the assault charge was dropped.

Collins pleaded guilty to fleeing police in the second degree and public intoxication. He was sentenced to 90 and 360 days for those charges, but only had to serve the 10 days he’d been in jail and will have to complete anger management and stay out of trouble.

Collins was released around 12:30 p.m. Tuesday.

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