Circuit Judge Michael Caperton

Circuit Judge Michael Caperton

Knox Circuit Court Judge Michael Caperton and David Moore, Jr., of London recently sued, Terry Blankenship, the owner of Buddy’s Liquor Store, in London. 

According to court documents, Caperton and Moore each sued Blankenship for 33% ownership of the liquor store on what they claim was a verbal agreement between the three in exchange for:  Caperton’s legal work, scouting for sites, and aerial photography and Moore’s searching for sites, speaking with local officials, and overseeing contractors, with their payment being contingent on the license being license, no pay.

Furthermore, Blankenship is counter suing for fraud and legal malpractice because he claims that he never agreed to such a deal; rather that Caperton was working as his attorney on a few matters, one of which was his application for a liquor license in London, Corbin, Williamsburg, and Barbourville. An ABC application appeared in the Mountain Advocate in spring 2016, with the only Blankenship’s name on it. 

A document exists that contains signatures of each party that are notarized by Caperton, himself. Yet, Blankenship claims it is forged. Caperton’s daughters were also named in the suit and deposed because he wanted to transfer his ownership to them, but KRS 243 640 states, “Transfer of license or acquisition of interest without authorization prohibited…without prior approval of the state director.”

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