The Barbourville Independent Schools Board of Education met via Zoom call on Thursday, May 21. Items discussed included alternate calendars for the next school year, meals or students, and the purchase of a new school bus.

The board discussed different calendars to use for the 2020-2021 school year. The coronavirus pandemic has caused the state and schools to look into less traditional schedules in order to protect schools and limit spreading the virus. The district is currently going forward with the original August 6 start. Other potential start dates included the Tuesday after Labor Day and an early July start.

Another issue that came up during the meeting was the purchase of a new school bus. The state budget originally included %100 funding for the acquisition of a new bus. That percentage dropped to %50 due to budget constraints. Despite the decrease in funding the board would like to move ahead with a new bus, last year the district borrowed a bus from KCEOC to supplement the fleet.

The board received a report on the student meals program put in place during the pandemic. Over 280 students were provided breakfast and lunch five days a week while schools were closed. It was also announced that the district had secured free breakfast and lunch for all student for the next three years.

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