Drive in

Mayor Thompson lays out plans for the proposed drive-in to be located behind the old waterpark.

During its monthly meeting this evening, the Barbourville City Council voted to move ahead on a new project proposed by Mayor David Thompson.

After roughly two years of being unable to come to an agreement with the Union College Board of Directors regarding the waterpark property, the city moved ahead earlier this year with the demolition of the site. 

Mayor Thompson presented the drive-in theater project to the council with a layout already in place. The mayor has made several trips to drive-ins in Kentucky and Indiana and consulted with industry insiders in Memphis and Cincinnati. Thompson noted a Mountain Advocate survey in which a drive-in was among the most popular options. 

Thompson hopes the theater will be able to hold 200 cars during a show. A concession stand would be located to the side of the complex near the railroad. The screen would be located near where the waterpark's yellow slide once stood and the projector located on the opposite side. 

In addition to being able to screen both current and older movies, Thompson highlighted other events held at other drive-ins. These include car shows and concerts. The concession stand would be able to sell burgers and other items that the waterpark couldn't have. It was stated during the meeting that alcohol would not be sold given the project's family friendly nature. 

With the council voting to approve the project, the mayor will for a committee to proceed with next steps.  The project was given an estimated price tag of $400,000. 

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