Roy Garland

A Corbin man is in custody after his alleged victim escaped and ran to Kroger for help.

Roy Garland, 38, is charged with first degree unlawful imprisonment, second degree assault, and third-degree terroristic threatening.

The victim states in her complaint that Garland held her captive from October 18 to October 21. He reportedly barricaded the windows and doors of his trailer located at 21 Maule Drive and accused the victim of having sexual relations with his stepfather. He reportedly told the victim he would “beat the truth out of her.”

Over three days, Garland assaulted the victim with his feet, fist, axe handle, and a dog chain. He allegedly heated a pair of plyers and held them to the victim’s leg at one point. Garland would not allow the victim to leave or use a phone without his supervision and repeatedly threatened to kill her.

The victim was able to escape her alleged captor after he forgot to rebar the door after he had a friend leave the trailer. She ran from the trailer to the nearby Kroger to call for help.

The victim was taken to Baptist Health Corbin for treatment. Her left eye was black and there were bruises on her shoulders, sides, and back. A burn mark was also found on her left calf.

Garland was arrested on Monday after being served a complaint warrant by the Corbin Police Department. He is held on a $100,000 bond plus home incarceration.

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