eric anderson

A Corbin man wanted in Barbourville was arrested early Friday morning after Kentucky state police responded to an altercation call on Sierra lane in Gray.

When police arrived they discovered Eric Anderson, 25, on a porch begging to be placed in the rear of a police cruiser. Anderson claimed he was being chased by a man with a gun and that the man was hiding in the woods.

Anderson was bleeding from his nose and mouth; he claimed he had run into the door of the residence. He then stated to police that he had used methamphetamine before laying down and shaking “for no reason.”

Anderson was arrest after it became apparent he could not stay with his family due to being under the influence. It was soon discovered that he had an outstanding warrant from Barbourville.

The compliant warrant states that on June 12, Anderson kicked in a door at the College Motel around 4 p.m, damaging the door frame. The complaint notes that Anderson did not live at the property and was not enrolled in college.

Anderson is charged with public intoxication, second degree criminal mischief, and first degree criminal trespassing. In Knox District Court on Monday, Anderson requested to be sent to rehab but turned down a potential bed nearby. He stated “if you put a dog in his backyard he’s going to break his chain and run.” The Knox County Detention Center is working to find Anderson a bed at a facility farther away, he is due back in court October 6.

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