Justin helton

Justin Helton

A Knox County man was arrested Sunday afternoon after Corbin Police received a call of a red Cadillac running the red light at Malfunction Junction and swerving “all over the road.”

Justin Helton, 32, was arrested after the Corbin Police Department received a second call that the Cadillac had stopped at Speedy Mart on US 25E. The second call stated that an individual had exited the vehicle and was staggering. 

When officers arrived, they found Helton slumped over in the car’s driver’s seat passed out. Officers had to open the door and verbally awaken Helton. In the door’s compartment, officers observed several baggies commonly used to distribute drugs. 

After becoming alert and leaving the vehicle, Helton was described as slurring his speech and being unsteady on his feet. He was asked to count to 30, but said he had done it in only 12 seconds, indicating a fast internal clock.

In Helton’s wallet, officers found a dark colored baggie containing a brown powder substance believed to be heroin weighing 1.6 grams. Helton was placed under arrest and transported to the Knox County Detention Center.

Helton is charged with public intoxication and trafficking in a controlled substance in the first degree. He is currently being held on a $25,000 bond.

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