Hillary Cornett

A Corbin woman was arrested and charged with public intoxication after Kentucky State Police responded to a report of a woman staggering in traffic on October 23.

Police found Hillary Cornett, 28, walking on KY 1232. She reportedly was unsteady on her feet and appeared to not notice a car that swerved around her.

Cornett told the officer that she used Suboxone and admitted to “shooting” it. She added that she had taken the drug earlier in the day. Cornett was noted as having pin-point pupils and making erratic movements with her mouth. At one point she reportedly looked down and was surprised to see that she had feet. She claimed to not know where she was walking and was concerned that she may be pregnant.

Cornett was released the next day on an O.R. bond and set to appear in court later that week. She failed to make her court appearance and was arrested again on October 27 with a charge of failure to appear.

She remains in custody as of press time on a $1,000 bond.

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