Claire Sennett and Gene Sennett

Claire Sennett and Gene Sennett, from New Jersey, visited movie night on Friday evening.

“This is a very special evening for us because we are making history,” said Tourism Assistant Marie Sennett, “and you all get to share this moment with us.” 

Barbourville Tourism in collaboration with Union College hosted a ‘Free Friday Movie Night’ at the Conway Boatman Chapel on Union’s campus Friday evening, August 2.  The romantic comedy, The Wedding Singer, was the “date night movie of choice”, according to a survey given to Knox Countians by Barbourville Tourism.  

Sennett informed movie-goers, “The first movie shown here [at the Chapel] was a documentary about the Spanish-American War [in 1899].” The documentary was titled “Crucible of Empire” about the United States’ war with Spain in 1898. This time around, the chapel was being utilized on a happier note. 

To freshen up the night with some humor, Andrew Hopkins of Tourism shared a snippet of The Three Stooges. The audience burst out into laughter as Curly, Larry, and Moe caused mischief on the big screen. Sennett explained the main focus of this movie night was to simply give an opportunity “for couples to enjoy each other’s company and laugh together.”

All in all, the crowd was all smiles and history was made in Barbourville.

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