Eye of the Tiger

Barbourville’s Savannah Hoffman has is an accomplished archer across the region. 

 Barbourville’s Savannah Hoffman picked up a bow during gym class two years ago and has already made a name for herself in the sport of archery. 

As a seventh-grader she took home second place in the middle school region tournament, third place in the high school region tournament and sixth-place in nationals. She also received a Trispy (best female archer in the tri-county area, Laurel, Whitley and Knox) for her accomplishments.

“I was grateful and felt blessed (to win a Trispy),” Hoffman said. “I didn’t think I would get it.”

Hoffman said after her coach taught her the basics she went to work on learning the sport.

“I just went out in the driveway and practiced and practiced,” she said. “It just took off. It’s just fun.”

Competing against high school juniors and seniors can be stressful for a seventh-grader, but Hoffman has a strategy that seems to work.

“If I get nervous I just step off the line,” she said. “I just breath, take a break and get refocused.”

Hoffman has received a lot of support from her mom (Tabitha). 

“My mom got certified and became an assistant coach,” Hoffman said. “She’s really worked with me and she takes me anywhere I want to go to compete.”

Tabitha is enjoying working with her daughter and the rest of the archery team members. She hopes to help more of them reach the state tournament next season.

“It’s great for kids that can’t play other sports,” Tabitha said. “It’s more mental than physical. It’s still a young program, but we have a lot of talent.”

Tabitha also spoke about her daughters accomplishments.

“We’re super proud of her,” she said. “We knew she had a natural gift for it. She has worked really hard.”

Barbourville has only had an archery team for three years, but Hoffman is paving the way for other members to get noticed. She has already had a positive influence on her nine-year old sister Sadie.

“Next year I will be old enough,” Sadie said. “I get a lot of excitement from watching Savannah and I learn a lot from her.”

Savannah was scheduled to compete in an open event on Tuesday, June 25 in Nashville, Tn. She was hoping to qualify for the NASP Open Championship. Check our website mountainadvocate.com for an update.

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