“Everyday we’re helping people become successful members of society,” said Jessie Hunt, FAHE Financial Project Manager. “Our Members and FAHE staff care about you and we want to know you, your story, and how we can help.” 

Whether FAHE is providing help through affordable housing, support services, health care, employment services, or community development — Hunt emphasized, “Appalachia is made up of hard working individuals who deserve the best support they can get. We want to serve your community well.” 

FAHE, formerly known as Federation of Appalachian Housing Enterprises, is a non-profit organization on a mission to eliminate poverty in Appalachia. The organization currently has 50+ members working diligently to help communities across 6 Appalachian states: Kentucky, Tennessee, Alabama, Virginia, West Virginia, and Maryland. 

“As a conduit for financial resources, we help families build assets to overcome poverty, help local leaders build stronger communities, and improve the overall economic potency of the region… such as Knox County!” emphasized Hunt. 

FAHE offers mortgage lending, community lending, and loan servicing to organizations all across Appalachia too. Local community members in need of financing for single-family homes, multi-family development projects, or community development projects are encouraged to visit the FAHE home office in Berea, KY. However, if the home office is not within your travel means, there is a FAHE Member close to you! For example, KCEOC located in Gray, Kentucky is a FAHE Member. 

“Specifically, FAHE Member KCEOC does a lot of work in Knox County as a Community Action Agency, their core competency is providing various services to lower income persons (Head Start, work with WIA, LIHEAP and Weatherization),” said Hunt. “They construct and rehab homes, which are affordable for low-income residents. They also have a Youth Crisis Center, Ryan’s Place.”

Hunt also mentioned FAHE currently serves a client in Knox County that has taken advantage of the FAHE Community Facilities Loan Product. The loan is $1.7 million and set to close in January of 2020. FAHE also serves 7 families through the Loan Servicing department in Barbourville, Corbin, Flat Lick and Hinkle.  In addition to community lending, FAHE offers mortgage lending in Knox County and they offer Loan Servicing for any mortgage lender in Knox County. Through Strategic Programs, Knox County employers can sign up for the Transformational Employment Program at https://fahe.org/transformationalemployment/

FAHE will be hosting a Workshop on October 24th that will provide information about the program and allow employers to ask questions. All places of business in Knox County are encouraged to attend! The workshop will be at the Center for Rural Development in Somerset. Registration is free at: https://fahe.org/transformational-employment-workshop/

“We are committed to providing support to those in need and I think we’re good at that!” said Hunt. “We’re invested in creating safe, thriving Appalachian communities for people to raise their families – and we are succeeding with the help of our members. In FY18, with the help of 130+ members and partners, we served 85,754 people.” 

For more information about FAHE, visit www.fahe.org or call FAHE’s main office at 859-986-2321. 

E-mail Samantha at swalden@mountainadvocate.com

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