A Lily man remains in custody after leading police on chase through Corbin.

Preston Messer, 39, failed to use a turn signal while on Master Street. He then ran a stop sign and failed to signal a second time prompting Trooper Sidney Wagner to initiate a stop. Messer motioned out of his window that he was going to continue.

Messer reportedly screamed through the window that he was going to Wilder Street. He continued to refuse to stop as he drove along. Eventually he made it to Wilder Street and turned into a residence.

Wagner ordered Messer to show his hands upon making the stop. Messer reached for something with his right hand prompting Wagner to deploy his taser. Messer continued to resist as Wagner attempted to restrain him, leading to a second five-second burst of electricity before he was placed in hand restraints.

A Kentucky State Police K-9 Unit arrived and gave a positive alert on the vehicle Messer was driving. A search found a metal container holding suspected crystal methamphetamine. Messer was taken to the Knox County detention Center without further incident. He is charged with failure to signal, failure to wear seatbelts, disregarding a stop sign, driving under the influence, reckless driving, fleeing police in the first degree, menacing, resisting arrest, and possession of a controlled substance on the first degree. 

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