Jonathan Bargo

A Knox County man remains lodged in the Knox County Detention Center after he allegedly assaulted a woman following a multi-stop verbal altercation.

Jonathan Bargo, 36, faces charges of fourth degree assault, third degree criminal mischief, and possession of drug paraphernalia. 

Barbourville police responded to a call of an in-progress fight between a male and female behind Save-a-Lot. The caller reported the woman was screaming for Bargo to stop and was honking the horn. A witness reported that the victim was screaming “woman beater,” at Bargo.

Police found the victim in the back parking lot upon their arrival. The vehicles passenger-side window was covered in plastic that had been ripped off and the driver side window was cracked. 

The victim stated that she and Bargo had been in a verbal altercation that started at Walgreens before moving to Burger King and eventually Save-A-Lot as she tried to find someone to call for help. She claimed the damage to the vehicle was caused by Bargo and that he had climbed in and punched her in the face and arm.

Bargo was arrested around 8 p.m. and taken to the Knox County Detention Center. He remains locked up with a $2,500 bond plus home incarceration and is due in court on November 17 after pleading not guilty Monday.

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