jennifer ross

A former deputy jailer at the Knox County Detention Center finds herself back in custody after violating the terms of her probation.

Jennifer Ross, 39, plead guilty to third degree rape in March  2020 and was sentenced one year and 60 days in jail. Ross had the year of jail time probated for five years and served the remaining 60 days spread out from September to December 2020 before formal sentencing as part of a plea deal.

As part of her probation, Ross was to enroll in the Kentucky Sex Offender Treatment Program. Court documents show that according to Ross’s probation officer, she was terminated from the program on June 3. An arrest warrant was obtained and Ross was arrest for contempt of court on June 11. 

Ross had her probation revoked at a hearing on Monday. She remains in the Knox County Detention Center where she will stay for 90 days.

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