vernon grubb

A Knox County man was arrested Friday morning after efforts by law enforcement to locate a car stolen from a dealership. 

Corbin Police were attempting to find a 2004 Mitsubishi Eclipse stolen from Liberty Automotive LLC after being informed by the Knox County Sheriff’s Department that a matching vehicle was heading toward the city on US 25E. Corbin Police Detective Robbie Hodge located a matching vehicle and ran its plates.

The plates on the Eclipse came back as a blue Chevrolet, prompting a traffic stop on master Street. The driver, 39-year-old Vernon Grubb, had a suspended license and no insurance when he was pulled over. 

Grubb had a title for the vehicle that was signed but not notarized. The title showed it being a 2003 Eclipse with a VIN matching the car’s VIN plate. He claimed to have purchased the car on November 6. Knox County Sheriff’s Deputy Carl Frith discovered that the vehicle had a faux VIN plate glued over the manufacturer’s. The plate that had been covered up had a VIN that matched the one on the car’s door panel; this VIN came back as belonging to a stolen 2004 Eclipse. 

Grubb was arrested and charged with numerous traffic violations, receiving stolen property over $1,000, and destruction of a VIN number. He remains held on a $5,000 bond as of press time. Freedom Automotive confirmed the car had been stolen from the dealership a week prior.

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