A Flat Lick man was taken into custody after the Knox County Sheriff’s Department received a call of a physical domestic disturbance in progress on Burnett Drive. Kentucky State Police were dispatched to assist.

According to the arrest citation, when police arrived on the scene about 2 p.m. on August 2, a neighbor pointed out the house where the incident was happening and stated “he was trying to kill her.” KSP Trooper Wilson made contact with the victim who was sitting in her vehicle crying and visibly upset. Wilson noted the victim had visible scratch marks on her neck and that she was bleeding from a scratch near her mouth.

 The victim said she had gone to the residence to get her belongings when her boyfriend, David Fox, 43, “went off on her.” She added that Fox slapped and choked her.

Fox stated that the victim had shown up and “went off,” saying she broke the window to his house. He stated to Wilson that he never touched the victim. She refused treatment at the scene from EMS and Wilson photographed her injuries.

Fox was charged with fourth degree assault and was served a bench warrant. He was released from the Knox County Detention Center the next day on a surety bond.

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