Following a successful show by Christian group Casting Crowns Saturday night, Arena Director Kristi Balla announced the remainder of the spring schedule will keep the facility busy through early May.

Joining bull riding, WWE wrestling, and alternative rock band Puddle of Mudd on the schedule are rapper T-Pain on April 20, and rockers Smash Mouth on May 4.

Balla told the Corbin City Commission Monday night that since tickets to T-Pain went on sale last Thursday approximately 2,300 have been sold.

“On Thursday when they went on sale, we sold 1,700,” Balla said noting that ticket sales have steadily improved with each new hip hop show at the facility.

“It means the first two efforts were not in vain,” Balla said the shows featuring Salt N Pepa in 2018, and Flo Rida in 2017.

Smash Mouth tickets will go on sale at 10 a.m. Friday at The Arena box office and through Ticketmaster.

Other events on the schedule include:

• Super Bull Professional Bull Riding on March 29 and 30

• Puddle of Mudd on April 6

• WWE Live on May 6.

Tickets for the events are available at The Arena box office or online through Ticketmaster.

Balla said attendance at events at The Arena in 2019 has been solid.

Country artist Kane Brown played to a packed house of 6,000.

The Monster Truck Nationals drew 6,000 over two nights.

The boys and girls 13 th Region Basketball tournaments drew approximately 15,000 over four nights.

Balla said the parking issues have gotten better since the parking lot has been restriped.

While Corbin Police and Arena employees have been working to direct traffic to better facilitate the crowd as it lets out.

In an effort to help, the Corbin JROTC has volunteered to assist with traffic control.

“I’m going to make a donation to the program in exchange for their help,” Balla said.

More information about upcoming shows is available on The Arena’s Facebook page.

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