Georgia Douglas

Georgia Douglas, Treatment Counselor for Independence House, was the guest speaker at Tuesday’s UNITE luncheon.

Treatment Counselor of Independence House, Georgia Douglas was the keynote speaker at the Knox County UNITE meeting on Tuesday afternoon, January 7. Douglas spoke about how the Independence House is dedicated to helping individuals who are suffering from addiction. She emphasized that the road to recovery is possible and staying drug-free can last a lifetime. 

“[I’m passionate about my job] because one of my sons almost died from addiction,” said Douglas. “My entire life, I’ve watched several family members suffer from addiction, but when addiction touched my kid, it hit home.” She added, “Some people give up on addicts, but not me… as long as there’s breath in their body, there’s hope for them to recover.”

As a treatment counselor, Douglas uses a 12-step model to recovery which offers the best treatment and support possible. 

“Day one is pretty much assessments,” said Douglas. “We do a ‘suicide risk assessment’, we ask about family history, drug use, and house conditions, you name it...” She added, “We also do a treatment goal plan, we ask them: what things do you want to work on? What goals do you want to achieve while you’re here?” Overall, the treatment plan will help clients set attainable goals that will encourage positive change and drug prevention. 

They are also educated about the “disease of addiction” and required to attend groups pertaining to: Child Development, Positive Thinking, Grief, Parenting, Anger Management, Triggers/Cravings, Relapse Prevention, and more. Each client is also required to be on a strict schedule in order to learn responsibility (such as: chores and meal preparation). 

Before leaving the 40+ day program, clients will learn how to maintain a budget, get started with GED classes, and start a career in preparation for life after leaving the Independence House. 

Independence House is a 15-bed rehabilitation facility for women (primarily pregnant women and post-partum women) located on 3110 Cumberland Falls Highway in Corbin, Ky. Independence House is dedicated to providing quality mental health and substance use prevention services to individuals who live in Knox and the surrounding counties. If you or a loved one would like more information on Independence House, you may call 606-523-9386.

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