Story time just got better with Author Jared Jackson’s newest childrens book titled, “Where Does the Man in the Moon Go During the Day?” 

    In fact, parents are beaming with excitement on Amazon.com, recommending others to purchase Jared’s book.    

“The book, ‘Where Does the Man In the Moon Go During the Day?’ is a cute and creative book that is sure to bring smiles and laughter to childrens faces!,” customer Brittney Timerding exclaimed, “This book is one of the best childrens books that will bring lots of laughter and joy to your kids! It makes the perfect present for birthdays and holidays!”  

  The book “Where Does the Man in the Moon Go During the Day?” originally was written as one of Jared’s high school English assignments in the past. High school was where Jared recognized his interest for writing. Cartoons such as Looney Tunes, Garfield and Friends, and Disney were influential in his journey to become a creative writer.  

   “I think that’s what people have been missing a lot today,” said Jared, “we need good, clean, wholesome humor again [for families to enjoy].”   

  In 2017, Jared worked with New York City-based Page Publishing to produce the book which is available in bookstores and online now for purchase.     

  Jared may have grown up in Flat Lick, Kentucky but he says, “I am still a kid at heart.” This motivation fuels his passion to write and illustrate children's books.

    Though born with perfect vision, he experienced a sudden issue of losing his vision at nine years old due to a brain tumor. He didn’t allow this obstacle to stop him from accomplishing his biggest dreams.     

Even though Jared and his family have experienced losing his eyesight, a brain tumor, and even a house fire – he said he has learned to use humor and his own determination to accomplish writing his  books.  

   One of Jared’s favorite quotes is from a famous football coach Vince Lombardi, “The measure of who we are is what we do with what we have.”    

   Jared will have a book signing open to the public at The Ugly Mug CoffeeHouse as well as at the Knox County Library in Barbourville on Thursday, March 14. 

Those interested may purchase the book there and speak with him about this newest accomplishment.     

His goals for this year is to publish yet another book and in the future, possibly create a cartoon tv series for children and parents alike to enjoy.