A Knox County man is behind bars after he was found unconscious in the driver’s seat. Officers later found various drugs and loose cash in the vehicle.

Knox Sheriff’s Deputy Sam Mullins was on patrol in the Stinking Creek area when he discovered a car with out of state plates in the road on Hales Branch. Mullins discovered Challis Davis, 39, of Flat Lick in the driver’s seat unconscious, his car running and in drive. It took Mullins repeated tries to wake Davis and remove him from the vehicle.

After Davis exited the car, marijuana and methamphetamine were discovered in the seat where he’d been sitting. More methamphetamine and various denominations of cash were found in Davis’ pocket.

Davis was lodged in the Knox County Detention Center charged with trafficking in a controlled substance, trafficking in marijuana, and not having an operator’s license. He is also serving a parole violation.

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