Ben Mills Kentucky Koffee

A Knox County man is looking to expand his young coffee business. The Kentucky Koffee Company is based in Barbourville and uses fair trade beans in their blends. For every bag sold the company donates one dollar to charity.

Ben Mills, a graduate of Barbourville Highschool and a student at the University of Kentucky law School, started the company in April, 2019. Mills roast his coffee both at home and while he’s at school, making weekly trips back and forth. He also packages, promotes, and sells his product on the website he built. He does get support from family and friends like his girlfriend, Callie Dixon.

Mills became interested in coffee after studying abroad in Mexico in 2016. There he spent time in a small coffee village. It wasn’t long before he fell down the rabbit hole of learning all about beans and roasts, even putting his geography degree to use. “Coffee beans grown here probably wouldn’t taste very good,” he said adding that the beans grow better higher up. 

“I would really like to solely do this,” Mills said of his business. He expressed his excitement at being an entrepreneur and his desire to bring jobs to the area. Mills has expansion in mind, with hopes of getting his product in more stores and launching a commercial roastery. 

Kentucky Koffee Co. blends are available at Lillian June in Barbourville, The Ugly Mug Coffeehouse and online at  You can also follow the company on Facebook and Instagram.

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