Ed's takeout

Grateful Ed’s BBQ was an early adopter of curbside delivery at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic.

A number of Knox County eateries have once again shut their doors to in-person dining following the Governor’s recent pandemic mandate. The current order would restrict in-person dining for three weeks. 

“It’s unfair. I would fight it with the community’s support,” said Ed Frazier, owner of Grateful Ed’s BBQ. Frazier is frustrated with the Governor’s order and the loss of revenue that comes with it. “We can’t make up those losses with carry-out alone,” he stated. He pointed out that he and his staff still have bills and called the $10,000 businesses could receive a “slap in the face.” Frazier was among the first to re-open following the initial shut down earlier this year. 

Los Primos in Barbourville had planned to re-open for in-person dining last week but ultimately decided there was “no point in opening and having to close back down Thursday.” The Mexican restaurant had closed its dining room previously and has been and will continue to offer carry-out and delivery services. 

In a Facebook post on Friday, ownership at The Oven Mitt asked for understanding regarding the challenges facing restaurant staff. “Please be compassionate… eight months is a long time to worry, struggle, and live in fear of what the future holds,” the post states. The Oven Mitt continues to offer delivery and carry-out services. 

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