Since 1994, Greg Helton has served as the Circuit Court Clerk for Knox County. Recently he was elected as President of the Kentucky Circuit Court Clerks Association. Although his term was set to begin in June of this year, Helton assumed the post’s duties in on December 1, 2018 when the previous president retired following an election defeat. The group holds elections each year, with Helton’s term ending next June.

The Kentucky Circuit Clerks Association is a non-partisan group made up of clerks from around the state. The group lobbies for or against bills that affect the Circuit Court Clerks office. As President, Helton decides what legislation should be sponsored and directs the groups lobbyists. Helton himself spends roughly two days a week in Frankfort on such business. “We fight for better access to the court system, we fight for better pay for our deputies,” Helton said regarding the association.

In 1992, the association started the “Trust for Life,” a state-wide organ donor awareness program. Helton called it “one of the best things we’ve done.” Donations made at county clerks offices go toward advertising organ donations. The results have been an increase in donors since the program’s inception.

A long-time servant to Knox County, Helton said he has no intention of leaving his clerk position any time soon. “Knox County is a great place to live,” he declared.

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