It was a special day for Lynn Camp’s Makenzie Grant as she signed a letter of intent to play softball for Alice Lloyd College.

Grant didn’t start playing baseball until the seventh-grade, but during her junior year she decided she wanted to play at the college level. With a little help from one of her coaches, the dream became a reality.

“Darrell helped me out and got my name out there,” Grant said. “After so much had happened over my senior year, I thought that would be enough to satisfy me for not playing in college. When Darrell texted me and told me about the offer, I was nervous because I had everything planned out for Somerset, but I knew if I didn't check it out I'd always regret the "what if”.” 

Once she met the coaching staff at Alice Lloyd, she knew it was the right place for her.

“Meeting the coach and hearing how he started out reminded me so much of how Lynn Camp started out,” Grant said. “I instantly was interested. I felt blessed to be able to get the opportunity.”

Although her basketball coach and mentor, Richard Jones, passed away, she said she could feel his presence during her big day.

“It meant the world to me to do it in the gym and feel Coach Jones there with me,” she said. “He shaped me into a leader.” 

She also enjoyed having her teammates there and was proud to be able to set an example for them. 

“I knew I was someone that got looked up to by my teammates,” she said. “Having them there, showing them it is possible for talent to be seen at such a small school will forever be a memory I hold on to.”

She went on to thank those that have supported her during her high school career.

“I want to thank my mom for being my number one supporter,” she added. “My family for being at every game no matter the travel. My teammates basketball and softball for supporting me in both and giving me a lifetime of memories to cherish forever. Of course my coaches for always believing in me when I wanted to give up. Pushing me to be the person I am today. Thank you Coach Hendrix, Darrell, DD, and Hilda. Thank you Coach Jones, Bruce, and Mike. Thank you Tonya, Coach Woods and Emily. Thank you to Lynn Camp for giving me the chance to represent the school that means so much to me.”

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