Beacon Baptist Church, along with several other local churches came together to host ‘Late Night with J.C.’ on Friday night, September 6. This is the third season of the Christian talk show at Beacon. 

Late Night host, Justin Matlock, explained Late Night with J.C. is a place where high school seniors and college students can worship God, enjoy games, giveaways, and time with friends. 

Matlock added,  “I think so often after a teenager leaves youth groups at 18 they have a void in their worship and devotion to God because there is a lack of ministries available for them. That is how Late Night with J.C. was born, just to give students a relaxed and laid back place to have fun and worship together.” 

Matlock welcomes local pastors, worship leaders, and Christian music artists to share the stage with him for exclusive interviews. 


“People with a heart to share Jesus will come to sit on the couch to do an interview,” Matlock continued, “My wife and I really wanted to have something that stood out. I’ve always watched a lot of Fallon and Kimmel and I remember thinking the idea would be great to adapt the talk show theme into a ministry to share Jesus. After some meetings and lots of thought and prayer, Late Night with J.C. (Jesus Christ) was born.”

Matlock emphasized that Late Night is not about any one church, person, band, or theme but “it’s all about God’s Kingdom and sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ.”

Whether it is playing a game of ‘hot sauce taste test’ or dumping an egg yoke on your friends or just learning more about a personal relationship with Jesus, things are sure to get interesting. You never know what to expect.  

“We would love for you to come to worship and hang out with us,” Matlock concluded. “Late Night with J.C. is not like any other ministry, it’s a place where everyone can fit in, hang out and worship God together. If you’re looking for something different than a traditional sit-down devotion study for college students, Late Night is for you! Where else can you eat pancakes and worship Jesus at almost midnight?”

If you would like to know how to get involved or find out when the next show will be, visit the ‘Late Night with Jesus Christ’ Instagram or Facebook - @latenightwithjesuschrist and @LateNightWithJC 

Beacon Baptist Church would like to thank FBC Artemus, FBC Barbourville, and several other local churches for making Late Night with J.C. possible. 

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