Eastern Kentucky native and businessman C. Wesley Morgan is looking to unseat Mitch McConnell in Kentucky’s Republican primary election.

Morgan holds political science and accounting degrees from Cumberland College, now the University of the Cumberlands, and Eastern Kentucky University. He worked as an investigator for the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms as well as serving with the Secret Service. Today he operates several retail stores and has designed custom retail software used nationwide.

Morgan has called out McConnell’s voting record on things like gun control, supreme court picks, and media matters; calling it “disgusting.” Morgan maintains a list of McConnell’s voting record on his website. “He might as well be a democrat,” Morgan said of the senator.

Morgan claims McConnell runs the Republican party of Kentucky with “an iron fist,” comparing him to Mafia boss John Gotti. Morgan was previously elected as a state representative and believes his refusal to go along with the Republican establishment led to the state party backing a primary challenger to defeat him. Morgan called for the resignation of House Speaker Jeff Hoover after a sexual harassment settlement.

Morgan envisions turning Eastern Kentucky into a tourist destination similar to the Pigeon Forge/Gatlinburg area. He believes work programs of old like the Civilian Conservation Corps could be used to clean up many areas and “beautify the whole state.” Morgan also believes in building more lakes in Eastern Kentucky with marinas and fishing.

Morgan opposes income taxes, supporting abolishing the tax at the state and federal level. “Anytime you have to report your financial billings to the government… that is a slap in the face to liberty,” he said. He added that the government could still raise revenue with an add-on tax.

Morgan believes the government has “no constitutional authority” to be involved in healthcare. He stated that the free market will solve the issues with healthcare costs. Morgan wants to see all healthcare sources open to everyone to promote competition and drive down prices.

Morgan says he is a strict constitutionalist when it comes to the second amendment. “Anyone who’s honest with themselves knows what shall not be infringed means,” he stated. Morgan believes one way to tackle gun crimes is the use of mandatory sentences for firearm use when committing crimes. Morgan called the 1968 and 1934 gun control laws unconstitutional and totally opposes red flag laws. Morgan also called out McConnell for his support of red flag laws last year.

Morgan believes if Mitch McConnell is nominated, a Democrat will most likely win in November, citing low approval ratings for McConnell in the state and among Republicans. Morgan continued that Democrats want McConnell to win the primary, calling him “politically wounded.”

Morgan believes it is “legitimate” that the coronavirus was released by someone and that it is being used to circumvent the election process. He believes the pandemic is being used to allow for mail-in voting which he claims is more susceptible to corruption.

“When we deviate from the constitution, that’s when we get in trouble,” says Morgan. He maintains he is running as a staunch constitutionalist and supporter of president Trump. For Morgan this election is about removing “RINO (Republican In Name Only)” Mitch McConnell from office.

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