In the war on drugs, drugs just took a major hit.

In what Knox County Sherriff, Mike Smith called, “one of the largest busts in Knox County,” and in a “cooperative, joint effort with Laurel County SO,” nearly three pounds of methamphetamine and a stash of firearms was recovered on Sunday.


The investigation that began in Gray and culminated in North Corbin crossed county lines and, according to Smith and Major Chuck Johnson of Laurel county, made an impact on the two communities.

“When you take close to three pounds off the street and put…, what I would call, ‘major players’ in jail, it’s going to (make an impact,)” said Johnson.

No Boundaries

From left - Knox Co Deputy Bobby Jones, Knox Co Deputy Sam Mullins, Knox Co Sherriff Mike Smith, Laurel Co Major Chuck Johnson, Laurel Co Deputy Jake Miller, Laurel Co Deputy Brian Lawon, K-9 ‘Gotcha’ won a battle in the war on drugs this week.

Among those ‘major players:’ John Helton, 44, of Gray; Nursilla Anita Helton, 39, of Gray; and Patsy Hopkins, 63, of Corbin, were arrested and charged with various offenses. As of press time, they remain in custody.

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