Union College Centennial Hall

Union College Centennial Hall

In last week’s issue of The Mountain Advocate, dwindling enrollment numbers over the previous four years with a decline of 27%, and 16% in the past decade, sounded the alarm to many alumni of Union College, several of whom are vocal in voicing their displeasure at the state which the school currently finds itself.

Among the latest revelations coming to light is questions about salaries for the college’s administration. According to IRS 990 tax forms, available through ProPublica.org for viewing, the latest numbers available were from the 2020 tax year. Beginning in 2019 and carried into 2020, the reported W2/1099 income for Dr. Marcia Hawkins was listed at $207,301, an increase of $50,001 from a reported income in 2018 of $157,300.

Charles is a native of Barbourville, Kentucky. He has worked with The Mountain Advocate in various capacities since 2003.


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