Don Rose has called Knox County home for 56 years. Now, he’s running to represent the 86th District in the state house. This is Rose’s second run at the office and believes now more than ever we need someone to bring jobs to the area.

Rose is a graduate of Knox Central. He spent time as a coal miner, at EK Wood, and 20-plus years with the state highway department. Today he works for Jones Excavating out of Laurel County.

Rose wants to see more jobs come to the area and believes in working with non-profits like Kentucky Highlands to bring money into the economy. He stressed we need to do all we can to save businesses and jobs during the coronavirus pandemic. Rose worries about the impact of the shutdowns, calling the pending economic crisis a “train wreck.”

Rose is vehemently opposed to abortion. “That’s not something I will ever support,” he stated. Rose added he’d like to see abortion done away with entirely. ‘I think it’s wrong and it shouldn’t be done,” he stated.

Rose says he favors “smaller government.” He believes the government wastes too much money and says we need to cut spending. He continued that taxes need to be lowered, stating they’re “taxing us to death.”

Rose feels his highway experience will be a great benefit to the district and would like to serve on the Transportation Cabinet Committee. He feels the highway department needs its funding and pointed out the many bridges and roads in the area in need of repair. Rose added he wants to see volunteer fire departments receive more funding, praising their hard work during storms and calling them a “great asset to our communities.”

Rose hopes people will consider him when going out to vote, stating he hasn’t been able to get out and talk to people much because of the coronavirus.  He stated “I’ll do my best to do what’s right and get our fair share in the 86th district.” He went on to say that if elected, “he’d be good at it.”

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