A Hinkle man was arrested early Saturday morning following a reported fight on Paynes Branch Road.

When deputy Bobby Jones arrived around 1 a.m. he found Mark Halliburton, 38, being restrained by two men. Witnesses informed Jones that Halliburton had broken a bay window in the victim's residence and busted in when the home's occupants went to investigate. Halliburton reportedly assaulted three people while three more were in the home, two of them juveniles.

Halliburton was placed in Jones' cruiser for transport when he began screaming and cursing the deputy. At one point he reportedly said Jones would be "working for him." Halliburton then claimed that "God sent him," and that he was God. He would continue to berate Jones, kicking the cruiser's cage and yelling threats.

After arriving at the Knox County Detention Center, Halliburton was booked and placed in an observation cell. He reportedly continued to scream until falling asleep, resuming and beginning hitting the door after waking up just before 6 a.m. He ignored warnings from Deputy Jailers Chad Powell, Zach Sanders, and Lonnie Mills to stop. After repeated warnings he was pepper sprayed, finally becoming compliant afterwards. 

Halliburton is charged with second degree burglary, three counts of fourth degree assault, six counts of second degree wanton endangerment, first degree criminal mischief, public intoxication, menacing, and first degree disorderly conduct. He remains in custody.

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