Knox County’s State Senator, Robert Stivers, was honored by the 2020 General Assembly recently.

The Kentucky Chamber announced Stivers as one of 11 legislators who it says “displayed conspicuous actions which helped ensure this success.”

“I appreciate them recognizing me for my work to create jobs, here and statewide!” said Stivers in a statement to Nolan Group Media.

According to a statement from Kentucky Chamber, “Recipients of the 2020 Kentucky Chamber MVP Award showed strong leadership for the business community by sponsoring or carrying Kentucky Chamber priority legislation, showing leadership on passage of critical legislation to improve Kentucky or by taking hard votes in defense of business.”

“The business community feels it is important to highlight the efforts of legislators who went out of their way to help create a positive Kentucky business climate,” said Kentucky Chamber President and CEO Ashli Watts. “These 11 legislators fought for a better business climate and helped advance  Kentucky during an unprecedented legislative session.”

Stivers also serves as Kentucky Senate President.

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