A Gray man was arrested last Tuesday after a theft victim reported to an off-duty officer that she had found her stolen vehicle. The vehicle had been stolen from Family Dollar at Corbin Station.

Corbin Police responded to the tip at Dollar General in Corbin around 1 p.m. The caller reported that the man had gone into the store and that he was wearing a white tee-shirt and a red baseball cap.

Police found Kristopher Denham, 29, inside matching the victim’s description. Denham initially stated he was not the car thief and that a man named Christopher Mason was the culprit. Denham changed his tune however after a search yielded the vehicle’s keys form his pocket. He then admitted to the theft, Denham also matched the description of the robber taken from security footage.

Denham also took police to a location off of Hancock Avenue where he had dumped the victim’s belongings. Officers were able to locate a purse belonging to the victim at the site.

Denham was charged with theft by unlawful taking over $500 and under $10,000, as well as a failure to appear charge from a previous case.

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