A Lafollette, Tenn. man has been indicted after a night of terrorizing residents of Corbin. 

Justin Marlowe was arrested after he reportedly fired several shots at a residence on Dixon Drive in Corbin. He is said to have fled the scene in a vehicle only to crash later. 

Marlowe was found outside a residence on Foxwood Drive in Corbin where he was arrested and taken to the Knox County Detention Center. 

Deputies discovered Marlowe fired multiple shots inside the Dixon Drive location while three juveniles and three adults were inside. He also assaulted two of the adults in the residence and shot a tire on a vehicle outside. 

Marlowe was indicted on six counts of first degree wanton endangerment; first degree criminal trespassing; driving under the influence; leaving the scene of an accident; and three counts of assault in the fourth.

Marlowe was released on March 17.

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