Andrew Saunders

A Barbourville man was arrested last Wednesday evening after the Barbourville Police Department received a complaint at Dixon Trailer Park.

Police responded to the call at trailer 24, where there was reportedly an occupant that wasn’t supposed to be there. When they encountered the intruder, 25-year-old Andrew Saunders ran put the back door upon spotting them. Saunders fled around a corner where he saw Officer Eric Martin and ran the other way.

Saunders then ran into Officer Josh Lawson who ordered him to the ground several times to no avail. Officer Martin caught up to Saunders and physically took him to the ground where Saunders refused to give up his hands and kept one arm tucked under him. Officer Lawson was able to restrain Saunders’ arms and place him under arrest.

Saunders had in his possession a cell phone and wallet taken from the home he’d fled. He was booked into the Knox County Detention Center charged with second degree burglary, theft under $500, second degree fleeing police, resisting arrest, and public intoxication. He remains behind bars as of press time.

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