west mills arrest

Two Barbourville residents remain behind bars after Barbourville Police responded to a domestic disturbance at a court square residence. 

When officers Eric Martin and Hunter Luttrell arrived, they could hear a male and female screaming at each other from the roadway. Dispatch had advised the officers that they couldn’t make out much of what the caller said due to the yelling but that they heard “something about dope.”

As the officers went up the stairs they found Charles West, 54, lying on his stomach on the floor with his pants around his knees. Visible through the open apartment door, sitting on the bed and covered in blood, was 55 year old Melissa Mills. Mills advised the officers to enter the apartment where they saw a minor child sitting in the corner with their knees to their chest and their head tucked in between. 

Both Mills and West stated that west had been asleep when Mills hit him in the stomach and an argument over money broke out that became physical. West reportedly struck Mills with a broomstick who responded by hitting him in the stomach and chest area. West told the officers he had been knocked down and that that was why he was laying in the floor. Police noted in the pairs arrest citations that the minor child had been within arm’s reach while the two were fighting and throwing things.  

Officers asked if there was anything illegal in the apartment and were reportedly told no. The officers were granted consent to search the residence and begun a search. Luttrell found a black box in the bedroom containing a clear crystal substance, digital scales, baggies, spoons, pipes, and other paraphernalia. Mills would take the officers to the bathroom where she showed them an uncapped needle and Coca-Cola cans with a white residue on top in the sink.

Mills reportedly told the officers there was a black magnetic box in the apartment that contained methamphetamine. The arrest citation states that she took the officers to the bed room and “acted as if she was trying to find it.” She eventually pulled the box from behind the bed and gave it to them, the box contained baggies with a white crystal substance and more paraphernalia. The police ultimately found 13 grams of suspected meth. The officers also located pills believed to be Clonazepam and Hydrocodone in a bottle with another person’s name on it. 

Child Services arrived to take custody of the child. Mills and West were both lodged in the Knox County Detention Center with three charges of first degree trafficking in a controlled substance, assault in the fourth degree, possession of drug paraphernalia, trafficking in legend drugs, and first degree wanton endangerment. West also received a charge of second degree disorderly conduct. Both remain held on $10,000 bonds as of press time.

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