For one Knox County couple, the coronavirus pandemic has caused their best laid plans to go astray. Virtually everything has changed except for the May 30 date.

Victoria Warren, a graduate of Barbourville High School, spoke about the challenges she and fiancé Austin Henson have faced because of the pandemic. The two began dating in high school over eight years ago and have been engaged since March 2019.

Originally set for a larger wedding, they decided that for the safety of their family and friends to scale back the guest list to only immediate family. A new venue had to be found do to the mandatory shut down ordered by the state, as well as a new cake. “We basically had to plan a completely different wedding within days,” she said.

“Wedding planning is stressful enough on its own, but planning one during a global pandemic was even more difficult,” Warren quipped. She said the last few months have been difficult because all they could was sit and wait to see what they could and couldn’t do. It wasn’t until the beginning of May that they made the decision to cancel and downsize. “Luckily most of our vendors were understanding,” she said, adding that Amber Smith Photography and Smith Event Technologies had been especially helpful.

Warren says in regards to the pandemic that all the new information can get overwhelming. She continued that “I think if we come together as a community we can get through this.” She and Henson are continuing to look on the bright side despite all the changes to their plans, “what’s important is that we love each other and we get to spend the rest of lives together.”

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