Patrick Brian Baker

Patrick Brian Baker

It appeared Patrick Baker may be released last Wednesday after a judge initially ruled he could be released to home incarceration before his trial, however his release was halted after an objection from federal prosecutors lead to a stay on the original ruling pending further review. Now prosecutors have filed their full objection to Baker’s pretrial release.

The prosecution’s 15-page objection also requests the court reopen the evidentiary hearing after new evidence was obtained on June 14. The objection states “On June 14, 2021, Dawn Turner, the Defendant’s girlfriend during his previous three year period of home incarceration, told law enforcement that the Defendant and Ms. Turner used Oxycodone pills regularly together during the defendant’s previous period of pretrial release. Ms. Turner stated that such use began sometime before Christmas of 2014 and continued until the Defendant’s state trial.” One reason given for allowing Baker to be granted a pretrial release was not violating the terms of his bond in the state case. 

As of press time Wednesday, June 16, the prosecution’s objection has not been ruled on. The stay on Baker’s release remains in effect. 

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